Life: Make Time For It

Perhaps you’re like me…I’ve often thought that the long hours that small business hours put into their work was proof of the passion that they have for what they do. Recently I read an article in which a survey was conducted of self identified entrepreneurs. The results of the study show that nearly one in five entrepreneurs worked more than 60 hours a week, only one percent of those actually wanted to work that much. Many of those surveyed indicated that they were dreaming of a time when they could cut back and spend more of their time with family, leisure, travel and healthy activities. The authors of this article also shared three things that all entrepreneurs should do if longing for a better lifestyle. [these three things might apply to all working individuals].

Recovery time – it’s not just the amount of sleep that you get. This has to do with planning your days and taking time to organize and reflect about what you’re doing. Things to consider here include planning, prayer, meditation and just quiet time in general. Experts in this area encourage folks to schedule 50 minute meetings as opposed to one hour meetings during their days.

Give up being perfect – everything doesn’t have to be “right” or “perfect” in such a way that you are the only one that can perform…whatever the task at hand might be. Unless you’re a highly trained surgeon and the results of your work are a matter of life and death consider delegating tasks to others. The benefits of this practice are numerous.

What matters – simply decide what matters to you. We must come to the realization that we are not owned by our businesses or our employers. We own our time and that’s the most valuable thing. Breaking away from the daily to-do list can be difficult. Leadership and career coaching consultants recommend taking an extended lunch to talk to a longtime friend and agree not to check smart phones through the whole meal as a good way to get started. Make a goal of getting some exercise daily. A 30 minute walk is a great way to help bring balance to work and life responsibilities that we are faced with.