Top 5 List – Be More Efficient Working From Home

Top 5 List

For remote workers, working from home can increase efficiency and reduce commute times while allowing for more time to spend with family. The problem is that there can also be more distractions such as kids, household chores, and running errands. Here are five ways to help you feel less stressed and more efficient while working from home.

Have a designated work area – Don’t use the sofa or the kitchen table — have a room (with a door) to call your own. Train your family (including pets) to know you are unavailable when the door is closed.

Schedule your time – Set aside blocks of time during each day for work, chores, meals, errands, and especially “me time”.

Keep set hours – It can be easy to take a few hours off in the afternoon then work until midnight. The problem is that this can lead to you working too many hours or not enough, resulting in either exhaustion or a lack of business growth. Try to keep your hours in line with the rest of your co-workers and others in similar types of work.

Have a second office – Studies have shown that a change of scenery can make you more productive. On occasion, grab the laptop and head off to a library, coffee shop or quiet park for some caffeine induced creative thinking.

Attend networking and other social events – It’s easy to become solitary working from home, making you unmotivated and uninspired. Meeting new people will not only keep you sharp, it may even bring in new ideas or ways to approach your work.