Top 5 List – Tips To Avoid Sending An Angry Email

Top 5 List

Have you ever sent an angry email only to later wish you had not? The “send” button gives fewer opportunities to allow cooler heads to prevail. As opposed to writing a letter, placing it in an envelope and walking to the mailbox. 

Here are five tips to help you avoid sending out an email that can ruin even the strongest relationships.

  • Set your goal. Are you writing this email to persuade someone to change their mind, request better service, or just to vent? Focus on the goal of your message and what you hope the outcome will be.
  • Use a word processor. Write your email, to help correct spelling and grammar errors. This will add that extra step that could keep you from sending it too soon.
  • Don’t write when you’re emotional. Pet the dog or cat, if you are a pet owner. Go for a bike ride, make a healthy snack, do anything to clear your mind. This will allow you to focus and organize your thoughts. Perhaps, wait a full 24 hours.
  • Get an outsider’s perspective. Have someone else read it and provide feedback. Send it to a trusted friend or colleague for their honest opinion. 
  • Choose a face-to-face method of communication. Humor and sarcasm can often get misinterpreted when delivered in the form of an email. Pick up the phone or arranging a personal meeting can be the most efficient, mature and effective way to resolve issues.